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About the Symposium

Our PhD symposium 'deLIVER 2017 - Technology in Hepatology' takes place in Düsseldorf from 28th to 29th September  2017.

Organize our first scientific conference? Plan the program? Acquire the funding? Select appropriate facilities and create appealing advertisement? We take the challenge!

We are a group of PhD-students organized in the integrated graduate school of the SFB974 'Communication and system relevance in liver injury and regeneration' at the University Hospital of Düsseldorf. In September 2015 we attended a two-day seminar on planning a 'do it yourself doctoral symposium' and directly started to plan our own conference.

The title of our conference was chosen as 'deLIVER - Technology in Hepatology'. The goal is to present science in a manner that combines learning, cooperation and fun. At our conference, we want to share knowledge about meaningful and innovative methods in the field of hepatology.

You think your methods or results are particularly smart or of great interest for the hepatology community? Then come and tell us about it, either in a talk or at a poster presentation. We are especially looking for young scientist at the beginning of their career.

We are highly motivated to offer an interesting, inspiring and communicative conference with some fresh and attractive attributes that make 'deLIVER' an outstanding event that differs from what we all know as a scientific conference.

See you in Düsseldorf, we are looking forward to your registration!


Michele Bonus
Benedikt Frieg
Martin Prescher
Nastaran Fazel-Modares


Jana Lissy
Martha Paluschinski
Christoph Gertzen
Friedrich Reusswig


Friederike Rohn
Kathleen Deutschmann
Robin Polz
Tim Kroll


Helge Zöllner
Leonie Drews
Eva Schumacher
Maren Schemionek